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thought of something worth instagramming! So..later today i will post my 1STpic on instagram-of my new car.instagram name is thisismaxrogers

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The effort gone in to marketing of this particular rapture has been brilliant though. Every1 is on board! Same PR team for the next1 please.

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I hearby declare that facebook can do whatever they want with my content, as by putting it on facebook in the first place, I’ve already let the whole world see it anyway and I wouldn’t be daft enough to put stuff on facebook that I didn’t want the whole world to see.

If after that, facebook are able to make any money out of my content, then good luck to them.
I very much doubt it is worth anything and I’m sure they are clever enough to realise that if they ripped off any commercial work I’m tagged in, they would get screwed.

Merry Christmas and either relax or delete your facebook

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